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Try Our Pahadi Flavoured Salt

A flavoured salt with Himalayan herbs hand-ground in traditional Sil-Batta by women of the Namakwali community.

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Try Our A2 Badri Cow Ghee

Badri Cow Ghee is made from the Badri cow's milk, which is a native cattle of the Himalayan region.  These cows feed on fresh grass & herbs present in the hilly areas, which makes their milk and ghee highly nutritious. Badri cow's milk contains A2 Beta Casein.

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Namakwali, the women's community of Uttarakhand makes and delivers Healthy flavoured salts and other authentic products such as; Badri Ghee, Pahadi Masala, Pahadi Haldi, Faran etc. of the Himalayan villages for the urban community.Namakwali's products are free from any adulteration and made by using an authentic process. We firmly believe In eating healthy and nutritional. Invest in your health and support  "Vocal for local"


Every time you buy from us we plant more trees